We focus on arriving at
resolutions that help retain the
continuity of business relationships

Taswiyeh believes in a larger role in contributing towards the stability of business activities and the economy as a whole.

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We are continuously on the look out for vibrant talent who wish to pursue an exciting career in the filed of Alternate Dispute Resolution. If you feel you have the right attitude and skills to contribute towards Taswiyeh’s mission, we definitely want to hear from you.

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Commercial Brokerage
Taswiyeh plays as a negotiator or intermediary between the contract's parties to get their point of view closer to each other , negotiate on behalf of others, conclude sales and purchase contracts in own name for the account of a third party, such a contract is called "broker contract".
Project Management
This includes feasibility, definition, project planning, implementation, evaluation and support. At Taswiyeh, we identify the project goals and objectives, budget and resources allocations and manage the implementation of the project while concentrating on performance measures.