Conflict Resolution puts the parties
immediately in control of
the outcome

High litigation costs and lengthy delays make it difficult and expensive to resolve business disputes in courts.

Conflict Management Services

Taswiyeh provides dispute resolution services that focus on mediation. We specialise, in particular, on commercial matters of dispute, as well as issues regarding engineering and construction disputes.

Taswiyeh's unique team combination of practical experience and subject matter expertise enables us to provide innovative management consulting that creates a positive and lasting impact on our clients' overall strategy, reputation and growth.
Taswiyeh plays as a negotiator or intermediary between the contract’s parties to get their points of view closer to each other, negotiate on behalf of others, conclude sales and purchase contracts in own name for the account of a third party, such a contract is called ‘”broker contract”. We conclude sales and purchase contracts exclusively in our name while transactions are being executed for the account of other parties.
This includes feasibility, definition, project planning, implementation, evaluation and support. At Taswiyeh, we identify the project goals and objectives, budget and resources allocations and manage the implementation of the project while concentrating on performance measures. Jumeirah Square Shopping Mall is one of our major 2012 projects.
With an intimate understanding of the market and its governing laws, Taswiyeh provides clients with high quality advice and guidance regarding legal matters.
We offer mediation in legal consultancies in the following sectors: civil contracts; commercial as well as criminal cases; administrative contracts; real estate issues; banking and finance matters.
We collaborate with the best firms in the region and represent our clients and help them resolve disputes outside the courts' corridors.

Taswiyeh is one of the first companies in the Middle East region to adopt the process of bearing all the costs for the client. We take care of all the expenses incurred during the dispute resolution process until the final result.
Taswiyeh is a privately owned firm specializing in the collection of delinquent debt. Our Accounts receivable strategy includes tracing and verifying debtor’s addresses by searching various data base, making telephone calls and sending collection letters. Once debtors are located and contacted, we encourage them to satisfy the debt. We also provide credit control function for companies and assist in the recovery of accounts receivable. Taswiyeh always opts to offer amicable settlement and may help in negotiating payment in full or part payments depending on the possible collaboration of both parties.
Taswiyeh plays a big role in managing a process that allows companies who are facing cash flow problems and financial distress to negotiate and restructure its delinquent debts in order to improve or restore liquidity and rehabilitate so that it can continue its operations. In addition, companies may opt to an alternative way of debt restructuring where the tenure of the debt repayment is extended to suit the companies needs and meets its cash flow requirements.
Taswiyeh occasionally opts to purchase debts from creditors after conducting proper due diligence and investigation process through our own highly qualified and experienced team by adhering strictly to the laws governing the debt purchasing policies. We are able to purchase your distressed debts in exchange of immediate cash payment which has the following benefits to your organization:

- It provides immediate and certain cash-flow.
- Helps writing off your debts in your books.
- Avoids bad debts provision that have to be carried out in future financial years.
Taswiyeh is a service founded by Obaid Bin Mes’har, a man carrying tremendous track records and a vast experience of more than 25 years in the telecom industry, most recently holding the position as CEO of Etisalat International.
Our Process
There are few internal formalities associated with our method of conflict resolution. The structure we follow is decided by the parties with us. Together, we work out, and agree upon, the procedure to be followed.