We negotiate on behalf of others. "To Negotiate" means “to go in between” or “to be in the middle”.

This literally, is what Taswiyeh does: We go between two parties to help them find a solution to their disputes (We manage the process).

Our Process

There are few internal formalities associated with our method of conflict resolution. The structure we follow is tailored to fit the purpose of each individual case – agreed upon by the parties only. Together, we work out and agree upon the procedure to be followed. This will serve as guidance only, since the parties may decide to modify the procedure according to the outcome of each meeting. 


You can leave at any time for any reason, or no reason.

As no participant in our conflict resolution service can impose anything on anyone, everyone is motivated to work together to solve the issues and reach best agreements.

Each participant has complete decision-making power and a veto over each and every provision of any mediated agreement. Nothing can be imposed on you.

Trials in the traditional litigation process are public. Our process is entirely confidential, as you desire and agree, be that by statute, contract, rules of evidence and/or privilege. The discussions and all materials developed for the conflict resolution are generally not admissible in any subsequent court or other contested proceeding, except for a finalized and signed  agreement.The extent of confidentiality for any "caucus meetings" (meetings between the us and individual parties) are also defined.

Our process offers a full opportunity to obtain and incorporate legal and other expert information and advice. Individual or mutually acceptable experts can be retained. Expert advice is never determinative in Financial dispute resolution. The participants always retain decision-making power. We are bound to encourage parties to obtain legal counsel and to advise them to have any  agreement involving legal issues reviewed by independent legal counsel prior to signing. Whether legal advice is sought is, ultimately, a decision of each participant.

Modern business to business dealings involve increasing complex interactions coupled with many technical and sophisticated subject areas. Conflict management facilitator has an equal and balanced responsibility to assist each mediating party and cannot favor the interests of any one party over another, nor should the he favor a particular result in the dispute resolution. He is ethically obligated to acknowledge any substantive bias on issues in discussion. The Conflict management facilitator's role is to ensure that parties reach agreements in a voluntarily and informed manner, and not as a result of coercion or intimidation.

Based upon having actively participated in voluntarily resolving issues, participant satisfaction and the likelihood of compliance are found to be elevated through taswiyeh compared to court options.



Taswiyeh is a service founded by Obaid Bin Mes’har, a man carrying tremendous track records and a vast experience of more than 25 years in the telecom industry, most recently holding the position as CEO of Etisalat International.
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Taswiyeh's unique team combination of practical experience and subject matter expertise enables us to provide innovative management consulting that creates a positive and lasting impact on our clients' overall strategy, reputation and growth.
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